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Bill Bardin

Bill Bardin was born with a love of airplanes. His earliest memories are of waving at every plane flying by. When he learned to read, he read every airplane flying book and magazine he could find. Since 1988 he has pursued the dream of flight with enthusiasm, having flight experience in about 50 different brands of planes, accumulating over 10,000 hours of flight time and over 53,000 landings. Through the U.S Ultralight Association training and exemption program, Bill obtained his Pilot, Basic Flight Instructor, and Advanced Flight Instructor authorizations. Seeing a need for high- quality training, he started a flight school in 1992 -- Ultralight of Sacramento. When the new Sport Pilot rule was issued on September 1, 2004, the F.A.A began looking for flight instructors who were experienced in flying lighter aircraft. Eight flight instructors, including Bill, were chosen from throughout the U.S to go to Sebring, Florida, in January of 2005 for special F.A.A training to become the first Sport Pilot Examiners. Bill and the outstanding flight instructors at his re-named flight school, California Sport Aviation, instruct student pilots according to the Sport Pilot rules. New plans for expanding his special brand of flight training into more airports and obtaining exciting new lines of aircraft are keeping Bill busy and happy because he gets to share something great with his students!

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