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Ground School classes are beginning soon!

You can sign up now for our next Sport Pilot Ground School. It will be held at the Lodi Airport, Hangar #1, classes forming every six weeks. Cost is $369 and that includes all books, materials, etc.!

Brands Of Planes We Train In
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   Factory built aircraft:

Evektor Sportstar  Our featured trainer!

 Evektor SportStar

Our SportStar is also for rent to pilots who have completed their training.

Kit built aircraft:

Overview of CSA

California Sport Aviation-- leadership in America's new Sport Pilot and Light Sport Aircraft program. We are one of the very first flight schools in the nation to transition from the ultralight training program and begin Sport Pilot training. We have the knowledge, experience, and teaching skills you need to become an excellent pilot. Long known as one of the top flight schools in the country for flying light aircraft for sport and recreation, people have come to us from around the country.

California Sport Aviation started out in 1992 as Ultralights of Sacramento when Bill Bardin (an ultralight flight instructor with a passion for flying and teaching) had a dream of creating a full-time flight school to offer aspiring pilots high-quality, lower-cost flight training. In 2005, because of the new F.A.A. Sport Pilot program, Bill changed his company's name to California Sport Aviation.

California Sport Aviation's list of services include introductory flights, ground school, basic flight training, advanced flight training, seaplane training, tailwheel training, test piloting, aircraft construction, aircraft repair, pre-purchase inspections, and hangar spaces (as available).

California Sport Aviation is happy to offer the Quad City Challenger line of aircraft. We also offer after-market items like Puddlejumper floats, BRS parachutes, Lynx headsets, Warp Drive propellers, Kuntzleman light systems, EIS instruments, Jet-Hot muffler coating, Michael Harrison landing gear/brake systems, 17-gallon aluminum fuel tanks, Quicksilver aircraft kits, and much more!

Please consider California Sport Aviation for your Sport Pilot, Light Sport Aircraft, and ultralight needs. We operate by reservation daily, and are closed on Sundays. If we are out flying, please leave a message and we will get back to you ASAP -- usually the same day.

Contact Us For Inquiries, Reservations and Appointments:

Phone : 1-916-488-2359